Jun. 20th, 2017

krittur: (rakkit)
Been pretty boring lately. It's rainy/hot time so I've been walking a lot of dogs.

Since my last post I've been getting up early (for me) to exercise before it gets too hot. I gave it plenty more than the requisite three days and just felt groggy all the time despite getting enough sleep, so I gave up on being an early bird today. I'm just a weird, degenerate night thing, I can't help it!

The main drive on my computer failed seemingly out of nowhere on Sunday night, but I mostly only stored the OS and programs I use more often on it so all I lost were a few drawings I hadn't moved off the desktop. I replaced it with another SSD that has twice the capacity and half the price of the one I bought five years ago. Everything seems to run way better now so thumbs up for scribble sacrifice.

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